Integrated and complete service

This division is powered by professionals with extensive expertise in the various functions that ensure the success of a retirement home. The company relies on specialists in food services, health care, recreation science, operations, marketing, human resources, finance and accounting.

They set up added-value programs that allow the properties to enjoy some of the highest service revenues in the industry.

Residents are the focus of our decisions

With its ever-present focus on humanity, the Company creates living environments suitable to the needs of seniors today and tomorrow. Confidence, dedication, cooperation and creativity form the basis of our daily actions.

The quality of our residents’ lives is at the heart of our concerns.

More than 25 years of experience committed to the well-being of seniors.

Cogir manages over 75 privately owned retirement homes, including the Jazz and Bloom brands in the province of Quebec, in Ontario and on the U.S. Western Coast. These retirement homes feature more than 16,000 apartments, providing personalized services in line with the needs of their residents.

At Cogir, our residents can choose every day the lifestyle they want, within a friendly, active and safe environment.

Retirement homes for every lifestyle

The various residences are home to a clientele that is mainly independent, semi-independent or in need of care. Moreover, we manage and develop secure units in many of these homes.

Such units provide specialized care for people experiencing cognitive impairment.

Focused on enhancing retirement homes

This constantly evolving world inspires us to propose innovative projects. In that spirit, a car-sharing service is available in many of our retirement homes, allowing our residents to travel freely and enjoy life.

A leisure site offering a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities has been launched to entertain residents and their family.

We are also quite proud to have won the RQRA’s 2020 Achievement of the Year Award with our Cogir Squad project that allowed us to assist our residents with their daily lives, as is the case for the prizes we have won in previous years.

Discover over 75 retirement homes

In a Cogir retirement home, you will find an environment that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with much more than housing. We offer lively, friendly and safe environments.

Our caring staff members will be at your service and will pay attention to what your family has to say. We strive to create trusting relationships by proposing individually based solutions that blend pleasure and well-being while sprinkling a touch of magic in daily life.

Everyone has a different path in life, a different pace and a different state of health. We offer a lifestyle that is adapted to the needs of every individual. Discover over 40 retirement homes in the Province of Quebec.


Deciding to live in a Jazz home means enjoying all the benefits of modern-day life in a truly exceptional environment. Its many common areas will allow you to entertain, socialize and relax.


Two homes for retirees will soon be open for business in Oshawa and Stouffville, Ontario. These residences will feature warm and friendly living environments and common areas where comfort and security are assured.


We can offer any one of 16 retirement homes in the U.S. states of Washington or California. COGIR Senior Living tends to everyone’s needs, encompassing the freedom that comes with independent living, the comfort of memory care and the help provided with assisted living.