Added value services and advice

Cogir Real Estate provides its clients with turnkey services, making our Company one of the country’s leaders in the real estate sector. Our operations are focused on optimizing property values and customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have acquired extensive expertise, allowing us to offer a wide range of services.

Construction and development

  • Market intelligence combined with an extensive network of contacts
  • Development and business opportunities
  • Site selection, optimization and acquisition
  • Construction management as general contractor
  • Project management, including any follow-up and administrative control
  • Repositioning of distressed property assets

  • Real estate asset and investment management

    • Investment analysis
    • Acquisition and sale including due diligence supervision
    • Financing, equity, debt financing
    • Asset repositioning
    • Investment program management
    • Development
    • Co-investment and syndication

    Construction et dé

    Real estate management

    Rent collection, customer service, coordination of construction and renovation work, control of budgeted expenses, tenant communications, tenant service and retention, leasing agreements, personnel management, etc.

    Commercial leasing agreements, renewals, control of leasehold improvement expenses, management and upgrading of tenant mix, etc.

    Financial reports, annual budgets, accounts payable and receivable, financial analysis, etc.

    Credit enquiries, approval of new tenants, accounts receivable, landlord representation, recovery of bad debts, etc.

    Strategic purchasing program, management of revenue-sharing agreement with partners and suppliers, new revenue creation project management, optimization of the supply chain, etc.

    Supervision of all major repairs, renovations and construction, management of mechanical equipment maintenance programs, management of all maintenance and service contracts, security and non-compliance, management of various risks and environmental issues, etc.

    Personnel recruitment and hiring, collective bargaining and agreements, ongoing training and performance review programs, supervision of occupational health and safety committees, payroll management, etc.

    Management of advertising and promotional activities, communications, customer service, public relations management, market and competitive studies, electronic marketing and social media programs, follow-up on leasing performance indicators, etc.

    Drafting, preparation and negotiation of commercial leasing agreements, general consulting services, service of formal demands, etc.

    Claim follow-up, management of cost estimates, management and control of repairs performed by subcontractors, negotiation, etc.

    Purchase of computer hardware and software, problem management, management of the computing equipment and software, technical assistance services, etc.

    Additional services for retirement homes

    Personnel management, supervision of all correspondence and communication with residents, their families and social workers, customer service, monitoring of budgeted revenues and expenses, management of offers to lease, consultation about services provided, etc.

    Supervision of kitchen and table service staff, menu planning, food purchases, coordination with suppliers, monitoring of expenses and revenues, etc.

    Supervision of nursing personnel, management of care and medication, nutritional monitoring, help with daily activities, family support, residence certification and Government program follow-up, etc.

    Implementation of various leisure programs, organization of activities and special events, follow-up of resident birthdays, etc.