Our suppliers

Our procurement program

Cogir Real Estate manages a strategic procurement program to meet the overall needs of its real estate inventory, of its clients, of its visitors and of its residents.

The primary goal is to optimize the financial and material resources of our clients and investors through a strict selection process among qualified suppliers, the negotiation of strategic partnerships and the choice of products that provide an optimal quality-to-price ratio.

Conscious of the need to respect the environment, our company is particularly focused on green and eco-concerned products.

Our contribution to the local economy

Seeking to favour the provincial economy, thereby contributing to the families of our residents and employees, our company tries as much as possible to acquire local products when price and quality meet the requirements.

Beyond mere numbers, the negotiation of the best price to quality ratio is at heart of our endeavours, as is getting the optimal level of food security for our residents and their families in our premises.

How can you become a supplier?

Thank you for your interest in Cogir. We will certainly consider your proposal. Given the significant number of offers received, we will respond to those that immediately meet the needs of the company.

Please write to


And provide the following information:
  • Short description of your company
  • Type of services or products offered
  • Contact information

Our main types of suppliers

  • Food services
  • Renovation, hardware and material
  • Building and common area maintenance and repair
  • Professionals, architects, engineering firms and contractors
  • Telecommunications and technology
  • Office, medical and other supplies
  • Electrical, mechanical, elevators, etc.
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Security and alarms
  • Advertising, media and marketing
  • Employee recruitment agencies
  • Others