Board of directors

Board of

Mathieu Duguay, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Mathieu Duguay has been COGIR Real Estate’s Chief Executive Officer since 2014 and the firm’s Senior Partner since 2004. Since Fall 2022, he’s also Chief Investment Officer.

Over the years, Mr. Duguay has enhanced Cogir’s enviable reputation in the fields of management, acquisitions, development, construction, partnerships and capital markets. He has proven his undeniable ability to assemble a first-class management team that is fully committed to its corporate mission.

Mr. Duguay is also quite involved, both personally and through Cogir Real Estate, in many charitable endeavours, particularly those concerning education, health issues, sports and the arts.

Charles Ruggieri

Charles Ruggieri, Doctor of Law, is the founder of the Batipart Group, a family-owned holding company created in 1988. In 1970, he became responsible for iron and steel properties for Immobilière Batibail until this division was privatized in 1987. In 1999, he successfully oversaw the merger of Batibail with Gecina, a leading French property company.

He also developed the Batigère Group, a real estate group with a social mission, which he headed from 1985 to 1995. Starting in the 2000s, he launched the Foncière des Régions and turned it into one of Europe’s leading holding companies with €18 billion in assets, for which he was chair of the advisory board from 2001 to 2010. In 2001, he started another branch specifically for dependent seniors and gradually developed the Groupe Korian-Medica, a European leader in residences for seniors with losses of independence.

Since 2011, Batipart has been developing another real estate company called Eurosic, whose assets grew from €1.2 million to nearly €8 million in 2017. Batipart sold its shares in September 2017 to redeploy its real estate activities in Europe. The Batipart Group also diversified its activities internationally with a hotel group in Africa under its own brand (ONOMO) and a partnership with a real estate platform in North America (Canada).

Mr. Paul Boban

Paul Boban has a D.E.S.S. (specialized postgraduate diploma) in taxation and business law.

He joined the BATIPART group in 1990 where he initially headed Immobilière BATIBAIL’s legal and taxation department until the company merged with GECINA.

Early in the 21st century, he oversaw the legal and taxation operations of Foncière des Régions (now known as COVIVIO) and took part in structuring the growth operation that notably involved the outsourcing of properties by institutions (EDF, France Télécom—the creation of Foncière des Murs resulting from hotel acquisitions from ACCOR).

He also took part in the creation of BATIPART’s health care operations during KORIAN’s initial public offering and the subsequent external growth operations that followed.

Bruno Desautels, Chief Partnership and Corporate Affairs Officer

Mr. Desautels became a member of COGIR’s executive board in October 2014. As Chief Partnership and Corporate Affairs Officer, Mr. Desautels is responsible for maintaining and developing COGIR’s investment activities and tax planning.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Desautels was a partner at KPMG LLP, where he gained significant experience in real estate, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, and business development.

Mr. Desautels is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) and holds a bachelor’s in commerce from Université du Québec à Montréal.

René Tremblay

An industry veteran, Mr. Tremblay has 35 years of experience in commercial real estate, including 25 years in international investment.

Until recently, he served as chair of the Board for Taubman Asia, the Asian subsidiary of Taubman Centers, a leader in the U.S. shopping mall industry. From 2007 to 2008, he was worldwide chairman of the International Council of Shopping Centers after serving as a member of its board of trustees and as vice president of its Canadian division.

Mr. Tremblay also sat on various boards as chair of the Real Estate Group for the Caisse de dépôt and placement du Québec. He chaired the boards of directors for the group’s main real estate subsidiaries. He was also on the Board of The Real Estate Roundtable. His past employers include major players such as Simpsons-Sears, the Campeau Corporation and Westcliff Group, and Cadim International.

He and his wife created the Fondation Formons Une Famille, a non-profit whose mission is to provide care for and promote the education and adoption of children with special needs in many countries.

A graduate in business administration from Université Laval, he received the Prix Hermès in 2008 from this university for his professional achievements.