Cogir Foundation

Because We Can Create a Better World

  • Mission

    Making a positive and practical difference by improving the everyday life of young people, seniors and new arrivals and also participating in the implementation of environment-friendly initiatives.

  • Vision

    As we work every day to create enjoyable living environments, we seek to extend this benefit to all, thereby contributing to a better world around us. To do so, we support projects that will enhance the lives of people within certain groups that are dear to us, namely seniors, young people and new arrivals, helping them to attain their potential every day. We dream of a better world in which everyone will have a place on a healthy planet.

  • Values

    Inspired by the company’s three fundamental values, namely a human focus, creativity and excellence, the Cogir Foundation seeks to become a partner-leader that will earn the appreciation of those associated with it.

The Cogir Foundation supports causes that fall under four specific themes: those that favour an enriching education and active lifestyle for young people, those that help to preserve the mental and physical health of seniors, those that assist in the inclusion and integration of new arrivals and those that contribute to the well-being of the planet so that we may, each in his or her own way, add something to a world where everyone can thrive and be happy.

Apply for a grant

The foundation favours organizations and projects that make a practical contribution to the well-being of young people, seniors, new arrivals as well as to environment-friendly issues. To apply for a grant, please fill out the form below. The grant committee reviews the applications four times each year

The Foundation is proud to support these organizations: