and development

and development

An experienced and impassioned team oversees the various stages in getting the project site work under way. A cooperative and flexible approach favours greater commitment on the part of the entire team. As creators of innovative projects, we provide residents with unequalled quality, meticulous design and comfortable living environments in every single real estate asset class.

Where eco-responsibility meets creativity

Issues relating to a building’s sustainable development, its longevity and its relevance to its surroundings are considered during the various phases of design and execution. In our view, being eco-responsible is the same as being creative. This motivates us to find the best solutions for blending luxury, design, comfort, innovation, longevity and energy efficiency.

Management and execution

Since 2008, COGIR Real Estate has its own construction and development division that controls and executes all steps in the project development and management process. Our team-based approach means that decisions are made quickly to increase success and create value. Each member feels a sense of belonging and ensures the project meets COGIR Real Estate’s high quality standards.


  • Choosing local material, products that will save water and energy
  • Suppliers who share our ecological point of view
  • Designs that will reduce the presence of urban heat islands
  • Landscaping featuring native plants
  • Locations that favour foot travel or cycling
  • Integration of special storage areas to limit automobile use