A great place to work

A leader you can be proud of

We are Cogir Real Estate, a creative company and a key player in the real estate industry over the past 25 years. Human beings are the focus of our mission which is to “make sense of the real estate market”. They are the basis of our culture as well as our priority. For us, the human being is everywhere: it is a colleague, a partner, an acquaintance.

Above all else, the human being is the basis for all our actions and decisions. Joining Cogir is an opportunity to take part in an unparalleled professional adventure where you can make a difference.

An enjoyable workplace

Not only do we enjoy working together in a trusting environment where diversity is respected, Cogir helps us to develop strong friendships every day through social and sporting activities.

Whether we have dinner together at the sugar shack or challenge each other during a community sporting activity, these events allow us to create great relationships among our colleagues. We work hard, but we enjoy ourselves.

A unique experience

As employees, every workday is a unique experience. We work in a healthy environment, with inspiring leaders who set clear goals, acknowledge the efforts made and encourage internal advancement.

Moreover, we enjoy benefits that reflect the needs of today. There are various options available to allow for a healthy work-life balance.

Growth within the company

I feel appreciated, there is free dialogue, coaching is ongoing, allowing me to hone my skills, to advance within the company or change jobs inside the firm. Above all, there is a sense of accomplishment.

Cogir is constantly evolving. Many of our colleagues have faithfully served the company for over 15 years and have seen their career grow with it. How inspiring!

Testimonials from our colleagues.

Hugues Proulx

Over 20 years of service with Cogir

<< It all began with a word from Mr. Duguay, the founder, in the elevator of the building, at a time when I was working elsewhere. Nearly 21 years later, I have seen this family business grow and become a major player in the industry. That being said, the family business spirit and the focus on people still remain. We do not simply work at Cogir, we are an integral part of the adventure. It’s quite exciting! >>

Frédérique Auclair

Creativity in the Service of Our Clients

<< I’m happy to be in my tenth year as marketing manager.
I know that my role in the marketing team is important and that I make a positive difference in the implementation of our projects. >>

Job categories


  • Management, sales and computer services
  • Nursing, food services et recreation
  • Reception, maintenance and transport