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An experienced team

COGIR Real Estate manages 40 commercial properties of different sizes and scopes throughout Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Our commercial division manages over 5 million square feet of commercial, office and industrial space.

A highly experienced team of seasoned experts has been working at COGIR’s head office and its properties to optimize the management of these commercial properties and increase their value.

Industrial and office buildings

As is the case for leasable commercial space, we are working with our building-owner clients to counsel them about the improvements that should be carried out on their premises to optimize their potential and meet the needs of current and future possible tenants.

Our driven sales team is on the job to find the perfect tenant for each industrial or office space.

All kinds of clients

Our clients have different backgrounds, but all share the same characteristic. They have chosen Cogir for its excellent reputation, its great creativity and its undying desire to make sense of the real estate market.

We transform their premises to turn them in friendly environments where people may shop and work. There is no project that is too small or too big for the Cogir team, only great projects bursting with the possibility for all of us to excel.

Revisited shopping centres

Over the years, COGIR Real Estate has recovered many shopping centres, including Galeries des Sources, Place Longueuil, Place des Quatre-Bourgeois, and Promenades de Sorel, to name just a few.

COGIR Real Estate has also demonstrated its unique expertise by transforming a major single-tenant building (700 de la Gauchetière, Montreal) into a multi-tenant property and repositioning the building’s food court and common areas to create a highly attractive property. Through these adjustments, COGIR reduced the vacancy rate from 30% in 2008 to just 5% in 2011, creating major value for the investor. It should also be noted that the occupancy rates and net rents of our properties are usually higher than their reference markets.

Shopping Centres


Office spaces


Industrial spaces