Inspiring innovations

Making sense of the real estate market requires constant thought on the means by which we can make the lives of our residents easier through technological innovation.

Multi-Service Centres provide easy access to a wide range of professionals.

The Multi-Service Centres are truly multipurpose clinics within the residence. Residents have access to a wide variety of different services, ranging from medical expertise to legal and accounting assistance, including beauty care and massage therapy provided by carefully selected professionals who have their best interest in mind.

There is no need for them to leave the premises.

An on-line site full of activities to entertain our retirement home residents

A Cogir exclusivity, the CogirDivertissement.ca site has been designed during the pandemic and offers some one hundred activities under six major themes to entertain our residents. During that period, we needed to adapt our services to help maintain their morale and allow them to stay in touch with the people close to them, even from a distance.

This varied selection contains performances by comedians, films and documentaries, gardening advice provided by the one and only Marthe Laverdière, on-line games like Scrabble, yoga or ZumbaTM classes, podcasts on technology, science or sports and much more.

It is a site designed for seniors, but visited by young and old alike!

And much more

Octopus, a gentle creature to serve our tenants

This application developed exclusively for Cogir is designed to make tenants’ lives easier with its various options, such as service calls, real-time communication with the building (e.g., interrupted water service), on-line reservations of common areas and shared electric car (where offered), lists of building events and activities and a bulletin board where tenants can offer to buy or sell goods and services.

Not only does this application make life easier, but it also allows for follow-up and feedback on service calls.

Electric car sharing

A fleet of more than 20 electric vehicles is available to tenants in various apartment buildings and retirement homes. These cars, equipped with Cogir’s exclusive security features, are provided free of charge to residents.

The only requirement is to have a valid driver’s licence. This option is good not only for the environment, but also for the pocketbook of those tenants who have decided to dispose of their automobile.