Helping to improve the world around us

Cogir Real Estate is proud to make a social commitment to various causes. Everyone’s well-being is at the heart of our daily actions. By making sense of the real estate market, we endeavour to create living environments in which people may thrive. The same applies to our philanthropic activities.

Health, education and youth are issues of concern for us.

Health, education and youth are issues of particular concern for us. It is quite important for us to do our part locally and nationally either through donations or by involving ourselves in major fundraising campaigns.

We pay particular attention to causes that closely impact our colleagues, our business partners and our clients.

Cogir has a special gift for over 30 local organizations.

2020 has been an unusual year and local organizations have been hard-pressed to meet the demand for assistance while donations have been drying up.

That is why Cogir Real Estate decided to grant some $100,000 to various charities throughout the Province of Quebec shortly before the Holiday Season. Over 30 organizations each received between $1,000 and $5,000.

Cogir celebrates the richness of cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity enriches us all in the Province of Quebec! In fact, more than 10% of our Cogir Real Estate colleagues are contributing to Cogir’s cultural diversity.

For that reason, the Company is proud to support the province’s groups dedicated to the integration of new arrivals. Each quarter, $12,500 will be distributed among selected organizations.

These grants are part of a $50,000 annual campaign benefitting organizations throughout the Province of Quebec that aim to ensure a friendly welcome to our new fellow citizens and to help in improving their well-being.